VBA SDK Support Services

Summit Software’s VBA SDK Support Services are designed to assist in protecting your investment in your VBA Integration.  Our support and services include the following components:

  • Product support for all versions of the VBA SDK:
    • All versions of VBA 6.x
    • VBA 7.1
  • Support for the VBA 6.x interfaces (APC, etc.)
  • Technical support aimed at providing rapid resolution of complex customer problems
  • Custom software development services for those interested in migrating from VBA 6.x to VBA 7.1 SDK
  • Information services
    • Access to the various versions of the SDK
    • Access to security releases as available
    • Information related to the future of the VBA SDK
    • VBA Integration Samples
    • Technical articles and troubleshooting tools
  • Software reviews
    • Application/product component architecture; to include:
      • Object model design
      • Custom reviews to meet specific customer needs

In addition, for those customers with support agreements, Summit can work with you along with Microsoft to assist with any contractual questions related to VBA.

Please contact us via email (vbasupport@summsoft.com) for further information regarding the scope of our VBA SDK support services or with any questions you might have.