FAQ about VBA SDK Support

Frequently Asked Questions:

Effective July 1, 2015, Microsoft will no longer be requiring payment or reporting of royalties for those customers with VBA and/or VSTA Licenses.  To assist VBA Licensees in understanding the impact of this change, Summit Software has put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

My company’s product integrates VBA.  Does this change impact my ability to continue to redistribute my products ?

Removing the royalty reporting and payment requirement does not impact your ability to continue to redistribute VBA with your applications.  The only change is that you will no longer have to pay royalties.

Microsoft has an email alias for support.  Why should I consider paying for Summit Support?

Since June 1996, Summit Software has been offering VBA SDK Support services to the VBA Partner Community.  In fact, it is likely that our team of developers provided assistance during your integration, and we have continued to support VBA Licensees over the years.

What value-added services does Summit provide?

Summit, as we have done since being named Microsoft’s authorized licensing agent for VBA in 1996, will continue to provide VBA SDK support to VBA Licensees.  Your company has made a significant investment in integrating VBA into your product, and Summit Software wants to ensure that your investment is protected.  Please contact Summit’s CEO, David Schneid, (dschneid@summsoft.com) An outline of our support services can be found here.

How do I learn more about my support options?

If interested in learning more about the support options that Summit provides, please contact Summit’s CEO, David Schneid, via email at dschneid@summsoft.com with any questions you might have.

What versions of the VBA SDK will Summit support?

Summit will provide SDK support for all versions of the VBA SDK, including VBA 7.1.

How does Summit Software VBA SDK Support work?

For those customers in a direct VBA SDK Support Agreement with Summit Software, we recommend you contact our support team through our email alias, vbasupport@summsoft.com.  This alias will allow our developer team to work with you on addressing your VBA SDK issues.

How much does Summit SDK support cost?

Summit VBA SDK Support is priced as annual support agreements and is based on your unique needs.  Please contact Summit’s CEO, David Schneid, via email at dschneid@summsoft.com, to schedule a discussion.